Magic-patch-Itch Relief Patches

Magic-patch-Itch Relief Patches

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If your little one is dealing with multiple bug bites, they'll need immediate and long-lasting relief for all areas. And while creams and sprays can work at first, they're short-lived, can make a mess, and leave clothes stained. Fortunately, Magic Patches can cover multiple bites (one patch per mosquito bite), provide relief for as long as they stay on the skin (up to 7 days) and stay effective even in water-all without any mess or harsh chemicals.


  • Pack of 27 patches include 9x Pink, 9 x Blue, 9 x Olive
  • Using Grid-Relief Technology, Itch Relief patches mechanically lift the skin (no chemicals) to drain the lymphatic system which has been injected by the mosquito's saliva that causes the itch.
  • These patches contain no chemicals. They work kinesthetically!
  • Magic Patches will start working in 30-60 seconds to relieve the itch, and can last for up to 7 days (and are completely waterproof)

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