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Little Fox Apothecary

Little Fox Apothecary- Aura Mist

Little Fox Apothecary- Aura Mist

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Clear negative energy from your aura and the space around you. Raise your energetic vibration. Formulated with a special blend of essential oils and moon water infused with crystals. 

Our auric (protective energy field) consists of 7 bands which vibrate at their own frequency and connect our physical body to our spiritual body. Each layer is associated with one of the seven chakras. Like dust and clutter in our home, we need to shake off any negative energy we pick up from others around us.  

essential oils: 

  • Lavender – calming, soothing, relaxing, and cleansing. helps guard against negativity.
  • Frankincense – helps cleanse and protect, as well as raise your energetic vibrations.
  • Lemon –  acts as both a physical and psychic cleanser. 
  • Cedarwood – a traditional aura cleansing oil that clears fears and fortifies your courage and resolve.

crystal chips:

  • rose quartz - (heart stone) empties suppressed negative emotions
  • amethyst - blocks negative, stressful energies, stimulates serenity of the mind
  • citrine - stabilizes emotions and encourages us to accept new beginnings

Mist the air, above your head and inhale and exhale slowly. 

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