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Canvas Candle - Nightcap

Canvas Candle - Nightcap

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Scent Notes: Whiskey, Oak + Sugared Spice 

As the temperatures drop and the nights grow longer Nightcap becomes a cozy companion.Once you light the wick, you’ll be embraced with the intoxicating aroma of a refined aged whiskey, creating the perfect setting for a night to warm up beside the fireplace with traditionally-crafted cocktails. 

Earthy undertones of whiskey-soaked oak barrels emerge as the fragrance lingers within your space to be elegantly topped off with an infusion of sugared spice. This ambered-sweetness lends a comforting, and almost nostalgic touch, to be shared cozied up with your loved ones… or wrapped up in a blanket secluded from the cold outside air. 


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