Altar Apothecary - Palo Santo Bundles

Altar Apothecary - Palo Santo Bundles

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Each bundle contains one or more of;
Dried florals (assorted)
Moon Charged Crystal
Palo Santo
They also include an info card for use.

How to use: Light your Palo Santo and let it burn for 30 seconds. Blow it out and waft the smoke around your space as needed.

Choose from the following crystal bundles for the energy support you require:

Clear quartz: Positive Vibes. 

Rose quartz: Love Vibes

Snow quartz: Luck Vibes

Citrine: Happy Vibes

Amethyst: Chill-out Vibes

These are perfect thoughtful gifts for so many occasions.

The Palo Santo in these bundles is ethically harvested. No tree is ever cut down. Only the trees that are naturally fallen are harvested.

Other burning tips and techniques:

Option A. Break the bundle completely apart and burn separately- rewrapping florals to one stick if you like.
Option B. Turn upside down and burn bottom until it gets up to crystal. Then cut bundle open and start burning separately. 
Option C. Just burn the florals at the same time on top. They won’t start a big flame. They just smolder. 
The florals have burning benefits as well. It is also a centuries old practice, just like sage and Palo Santo. 
** It’s always recommend to use a heat proof dish. But the Palo Santo goes out almost right away. It is not like a candle that keeps burning until it’s extinguished, so there is little risk of fire.  

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